Related Projects and Documentation

The Helm community has produced many extra tools, plugins, and documentation about Helm. We love to hear about these projects.

If you have anything you'd like to add to this list, please open an issue or pull request.

Helm Plugins

  • helm-adopt - A helm v3 plugin to adopt existing k8s resources into a new generated helm chart.
  • helm-chartsnap - Snapshot testing plugin for Helm charts.
  • Helm Diff - Preview helm upgrade as a coloured diff
  • Helm Dt - Plugin that helps distributing Helm charts across OCI registries and on Air gap environments
  • Helm Dashboard - GUI for Helm, visualize releases and repositories, manifest diffs
  • helm-gcs - Plugin to manage repositories on Google Cloud Storage
  • helm-git - Install charts and retrieve values files from your Git repositories
  • helm-k8comp - Plugin to create Helm Charts from hiera using k8comp
  • helm-mapkubeapis - Update helm release metadata to replace deprecated or removed Kubernetes APIs
  • helm-monitor - Plugin to monitor a release and rollback based on Prometheus/ElasticSearch query
  • helm-release-plugin - Plugin for Release management, Update release values, pulls(re-creates) helm Charts from deployed releases, set helm release TTL.
  • helm-s3 - Helm plugin that allows to use AWS S3 as a [private] chart repository
  • helm-schema-gen - Helm Plugin that generates values yaml schema for your Helm 3 charts
  • helm-secrets - Plugin to manage and store secrets safely (based on sops)
  • helm-sigstore - Plugin for Helm to integrate the sigstore ecosystem. Search, upload and verify signed Helm charts.
  • helm-tanka - A Helm plugin for rendering Tanka/Jsonnet inside Helm charts.
  • hc-unit - Plugin for unit testing charts locally using OPA (Open Policy Agent) & Rego
  • helm-unittest - Plugin for unit testing chart locally with YAML
  • helm-val - A plugin to get values from a previous release.
  • helm-external-val - A plugin that fetches helm values from external sources (configMaps, Secrets, etc.)
  • helm-images - Helm plugin to fetch all possible images from the chart before deployment or from a deployed release

We also encourage GitHub authors to use the helm-plugin tag on their plugin repositories.

Additional Tools

Tools layered on top of Helm.

  • Armada - Manage prefixed releases throughout various Kubernetes namespaces, and removes completed jobs for complex deployments
  • avionix - Python interface for generating Helm charts and Kubernetes yaml, allowing for inheritance and less duplication of code
  • Botkube - Run Helm commands directly from Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, and Mattermost.
  • Captain - A Helm3 Controller using HelmRequest and Release CRD
  • Chartify - Generate Helm charts from existing Kubernetes resources.
  • ChartMuseum - Helm Chart Repository with support for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage
  • chart-registry - Helm Charts Hosts on OCI Registry
  • Codefresh - Kubernetes native CI/CD and management platform with UI dashboards for managing Helm charts and releases
  • Flux - Continuous and progressive delivery from Git to Kubernetes.
  • Helmfile - Helmfile is a declarative spec for deploying helm charts
  • Helmsman - Helmsman is a helm-charts-as-code tool which enables installing/upgrading/protecting/moving/deleting releases from version controlled desired state files (described in a simple TOML format)
  • HULL - This library chart provides a ready-to-use interface for specifying all Kubernetes objects directly in the values.yaml. It removes the need to write any templates for your charts and comes with many additional features to simplify Helm chart creation and usage.
  • Konveyor Move2Kube - Generate Helm charts for your existing projects.
  • Landscaper - "Landscaper takes a set of Helm Chart references with values (a desired state), and realizes this in a Kubernetes cluster."
  • Monocular - Web UI for Helm Chart repositories
  • Monokle - Desktop tool for creating, debugging and deploying Kubernetes resources and Helm Charts
  • Orkestra - A cloud-native Release Orchestration and Lifecycle Management (LCM) platform for a related group of Helm releases and their subcharts
  • Tanka - Grafana Tanka configures Kubernetes resources through Jsonnet with the ability to consume Helm Charts
  • Terraform Helm Provider - The Helm provider for HashiCorp Terraform enables lifecycle management of Helm Charts with a declarative infrastructure-as-code syntax. The Helm provider is often paired the other Terraform providers, like the Kubernetes provider, to create a common workflow across all infrastructure services.
  • VIM-Kubernetes - VIM plugin for Kubernetes and Helm

Helm Included

Platforms, distributions, and services that include Helm support.

  • Kubernetic - Kubernetes Desktop Client
  • Jenkins X - open source automated CI/CD for Kubernetes which uses Helm for promoting applications through environments via GitOps


Grab bag of useful things for Chart authors and Helm users.

  • Await - Docker image to "await" different conditions--especially useful for init containers. More Info