Karen Chu Joins Helm Org Maintainers

Tue, Jan 11, 2022

The Helm organization is thrilled to introduce Karen Chu as the latest member of the Helm org maintainers. She will be the ninth committee member. Karen has been active in the Helm ecosystem since day one when Rimas, Jack, and I first started the project. She was instrumental in Helm's early branding, organized both of the Helm Summits, and leads Helm's community management team. You may also know her from her Helm-adjacent work as the co-creator of the Illustrated Children's Guide to Kubernetes series or her role as a CNCF ambassador.

Last week, the Helm project maintainers voted to elect Karen onto the Helm org maintainers board. In this role, Karen will help shape the many projects that are hosted under the Helm umbrella, bringing her insights from the wider ecosystem to her leadership of the Helm organization.

Congratulations to Karen!

Matt Butcher

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