Introducing the Helm Org Maintainers

Thu, Oct 4, 2018

The first major action under the new Helm governance was to elect a set of Helm Org Maintainers. In the initial election we were looking to select 7 people to represent Helm core, charts, and other projects under the Helm umbrella. The election is now complete and I would like to introduce the first set of Org Maintainers.

In alphabetical order, by first name, they are:

  • Adam Reese (adamreese)
  • Adnan Abdulhussein (prydonius)
  • Josh Dolitsky (jdolitsky)
  • Matt Butcher (technosophos)
  • Matt Farina (mattfarina)
  • Matt Fisher (bacongobbler)
  • Reinhard Nägele (unguiculus)
  • Scott Rigby (scottrigby)
  • Vic Iglesias (viglesiasce)

Thanks to everyone who ran. Helm is off to a great start under the CNCF and this is another step in our journey.

What Do Org Maintainers Do?

Org Maintainers are responsible for maintaining the vision, mission, values, and scope of the broader Helm project. This includes the Helm client, the charts repository, ChartMuseum, and Monocular. While the org maintainers are not responsible for the technical direction of each individual project, they take on the higher level task of keeping the organization unified.

Matt Farina & Matt Butcher

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