Helm Enters the CNCF

Fri, Jun 1, 2018

Today we are happy to announce that Helm has become an official top-level CNCF project, joining the ranks of Prometheus, Linkerd, OpenTracing, and others. Helm will enter the CNCF as an incubating project as we continue to work on the next-generation Helm 3 cloud-native package manager.

We are grateful to the Helm community, which has diligently contributed to the core Helm project, to the official charts repository, Monocular, to Chart Museum, and to other Helm-related projects. As a CNCF project, we look forward to expanding the Helm ecosystem. Over the coming months, we will be re-organizing as we ease our way out of the Kubernetes org and into CNCF.

Helm began as an internal hackathon project at Deis, and we made our first public release at the original KubeCon. Now, only a few short years later, the Helm ecosystem has seen 3,500 contributors spanning 566 companies. We have made more than 50 releases, and see over 50,000 downloads per month. And last February, we had the inaugural Helm Summit, where 179 developers, operators, and SREs gathered in Portland, Oregon to talk about the future of the project.

Thank you for making the Helm community a welcoming place where people from all skill levels can participate in this emerging cloud-native landscape! We are excited to improve Helm as the package manager for the cloud-native landscape.

We would like to conclude with special thanks to Brian Grant for sponsoring the CNCF proposal, and Matt Farina for writing the proposal and guiding it through the process.

Matt Butcher

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