COVID-19: Extending Helm v2 Bug Fixes

Fri, Apr 3, 2020

As our world comes together to fight the global pandemic, the Helm maintainers want to ensure that we're doing our part to help you maintain your critical systems while they are operating at peak demand in a time where normal development and operation schedules have had to be adjusted.

When Helm v3 was released in November 2019, our original commitment was that we would offer six months of Helm v2 bug fixes, which would end May 13, 2020, followed by six more months of security fixes for Helm v2. Given the expectation that current priorities require a singular focus on fighting the pandemic, we now plan to release Helm v2 bug fixes for an extra three months, until August 13th, 2020, giving Helm users more time for serving their communities' most immediate needs.

We will monitor the situation to see if any additional adjustments are needed due to these circumstances. All Helm v2 support is currently still planned to end November 13th (with the window for security-only fixes now planned for three months). Join us in our community calls, chats, mailing lists, and GitHub repositories if there is anything we can do to help unblock you in critical work, and stay safe!

Matt Farina & Bridget Kromhout

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